Upcoming Events:

There are no upcoming events.

Fees and costs:

  • 1$ to play. Please pay and sign in BEFORE playing.
  • No coins please. Just throw a bunch of one-dollar bills in your badminton bag to last you all season and voila!
  • The $1 cost is what pays for the gym rental which I pay for myself ahead of time. Please try to remember to sign in and pay before you play. If you forgot to bring $, please get it from a friend or something.

Rules and Regulations (be reasonable):

  • Bring your own birdies. We will have dice to roll to determine who supplies the bird each time during play.
  • Last season, we all just said how many birds we had contributed thus far, and the person who had contributed the least birdies supplied the next one.
  • All people must have birdies to play or borrow from their friends.
  • Once the club has more than 16 players, you must use the whiteboard and magnets to sign-up.
  • Simply, let’s be reasonable and try to include everyone fairly. Some examples of not doing this are:
  • Using the magnet of a currently playing member to reserve the next spot.
    • Using the magnet of a currently playing member to reserve the next spot.
    • Using the magnet of a player who is not playing that night to reserve the next spot.
    • Playing an extended game — more than 21 points.
    • Playing 2 games in a row in the hopes no one notices.
  • Filling in: It is often the case, that there’s a group which is short 1 or 2 players repeatedly. We encourage, and ask, that players fill in so they can play a game. In this case, you can keep your magnet in the spot you have reserved with the group you want to play with. You will not have to lose your spot if you are helping fill in for a group that is short players. If your game is up before the filler game is finished, go play your game, and we will try to have someone else fill in to finish the game. Of course, you can abuse this rule as well. Don’t.